Sugar Dirt
Season 1, Episode 21
Space - Above and Beyond 1
Air date April 20, 1996
Written by Matt Kiene and Joe Reinkemeyer
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
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Sugar Dirt is the twenty-first episode of Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond.

The episode aired April 20, 1996 on the Fox Network.


A planetary invasion by Earth military forces is ambushed and turns into a military disaster. There is no air support and no ground reinforcement as the supporting fleet, among it the USS SARATOGA, is forced to abandon 25,000 stranded Marines in order to launch another assault, which could ultimately save millions of lives, upon a more strategic planet. Among the scattered, abandoned and demoralized Marines are the 58th, struggling to survive.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Additional CastEdit

  • Granville Van Dusen as General Weirick
  • Jennifer Balgobin as LT Price
  • James Kiriyama-Lem as General Ming
  • Nancy Linehan Charles as Admiral Vetter
  • Iqbal Theba as General Siraj
  • Bill Kalmenson as Commodore Preising
  • Mark Adair-Rios as LT Smith
  • Joshua Abramson as LT Nelson
  • David Cooley as LT Feeley
  • Keith Rosary as LIDAR Operator
  • Chris Villa as Marine
  • Richie Solomon as Commando #6 (uncredited)




Executive ProducersEdit



  • Shirley Walker


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