Space: Above and Beyond - The Gauntlet 2
SAAB The Gauntlet cover comic 2
Author Roy Thomas
Illustrator Markus Harrison
Yanick Paquette
Michel Lacombe
Publication date June 1, 1996
Published by Topps
Publication Order
Preceded by
Space: Above and Beyond - The Gauntlet 1
Followed by

Space: Above and Beyond - The Gauntlet 2 is a comic book based on the television series created by Glen Morgan and James Wong.

Plot SummaryEdit

"A Gauntlet Hurled" - In the Delta Pavonis region, Vansen is tortured by Harriman and the Chigs while West and Hawkes break free and cause damage. In the end the three Wild Cards escape and Harriman realizes his mistake in joining the Chigs and destroys their base.

Main CharactersEdit

Additional CharactersEdit


  • Roy Thomas


  • Cover Art by Markus Harrison
  • Art by Yanick Paquette and Michel Lacombe

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