The Silicate War, also known as the A.I. War, took place when the androids created by Humans rebelled against their creators.

Prelude to WarEdit

Silicates were manufactured by Humans to be servants and soldiers. They are machines designed to be visually pleasing while programmed to understand abstract concepts like philosophy, theology and ethics. They could understand these ideas but were not allowed to originate new ideas.[1]


In 2047 Dr. Ken Stranahan, a programmer who worked for Silicate-Tronics, was upgrading the essential artificial intelligence (A.I.) processing unit for the androids and added a computer virus to their programming. He was sick of his boss taking credit for his work. The virus was a programming command that said “Take a Chance.”[2]

Based on their new programming, the Silicates rebelled against their creators. They quickly learned how to win against humans using fear, intimidation, and mercilessness. The Silicates do not feel these emotions but they know how they affected humans.

Human losses were greater than anticipated in the war and the cost in human life was devastatingly high in the civilian population as well as in the military. Terrorist attacks claimed many lives, while battles claimed even more. A.I. War veterans suffered severe post-traumatic stress due to the fear tactics used by the Silicates. Doctors had to begin using injections into the area of the amygdala, a part of the human brain comprised of a collection of neurons that houses fear memories, to treat survivors.[3]

Humanity made the decision to increase the numbers of In Vitroes created, who could become highly skilled soldiers. Government and industry worked together to build a multitude of In Vitro facilities around the world, facilities where these soldiers could be grown and trained. After the In Vitroes were conscripted into the Armed Forces against their will, they proved to be poor soldiers.[4]

For 10 years they were terrorists on Earth, until Humans got the upper hand. In 2057 the Silicates commandeered some military launch vehicles and escaped into space.[5]


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