Neil West is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond and the various tie-in books and comic books.

He is portrayed by actors Angus Grant, Adam Sutton and Marc Worden.


Neil grew up in New England in a rural town called Farmingville. [1]

As soon as he was old enough he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to fight in the Chig War, following in the footsteps of his brother 1LT Nathan West.[2] As a member of the 5th Recon Marines, he was killed on the planet Mors when his unit was decimated by a Chig attack.

US Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Insignia svg

USMC Force Recon


Space: Above and Beyond - Television Series
Pilot (appears) Toy Soldiers (appears)
Space: Above and Beyond - Books
Space: Above and Beyond (novel) (appears) The Aliens Approach (appears)


  1. Space: Above and Beyond (novel)
  2. Toy Soldiers

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