Season 1, Episode 4
Space - Above and Beyond 1
Air date October 15, 1995
Written by Stephen Zito
Directed by Stephen Cragg
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The Dark Side of the Sun
Ray Butts

Mutiny is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond.

The episode aired October 15, 1995 on the Fox Network.


The 58th travel upon a civilian cargo hauler. The ship is attacked and the captain decides to sacrifice part of his In Vitro cargo in order to save his ship. A mutiny forces Hawkes and McQueen, both In Vitroes, to make a difficult decision.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Main CastEdit

Additional CastEdit

  • Tony Amendola as Captain Lewelyn
  • Calvin Levels as First Mate Potter
  • Tom Everett as C.P.O. Keats
  • Robert Louis Kempf as SGT Monk
  • Ping Wu as Ashby
  • Christopher Michael Moore as Sorrel
  • William Forward as Mercer
  • Jeffrey Howard as Harris
  • Steven Hack as Harkin
  • Thom Barry as Chief Mechanic
  • Lisa Dinkins as Triage Nurse




Executive ProducersEdit



  • Shirley Walker


  • Mutiny on IMDB [1]
  • Episode Transcript [2]

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