Kylen Celina is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond and the various tie-in books and comic books.

She is portrayed by actress Amanda Douge.


Kylen, along with her fiancée Nathan West, devoted her life to becoming a planetary colonist. Having committed themselves to the venture and training together, they planned to immigrate to the Tellus Colony in the Epsilon Indi system. A last minute political decision regarding affirmative action for In Vitros dashed their dreams, when Nathan was forced to give up his colonist berth and remain behind while Kylen fulfilled her contract to the colony.[1]

Tellus Mission Patch

Tellus Colony insignia

After successfully transiting a wormhole to reach the planet, the colony ship had just completed its orbital insertion when it was attacked and destroyed by Chig fighters.

Twenty five of the 250 crew were unaccounted for after the crash, including Kylen. Two colonists were rescued by Nathan after he went AWOL from the USS SARATOGA in an attempt to find Kylen. West reported seeing others being herded into a Chig Mother Ship, among them was Kylen.[2]

Kylen was eventually returned to Earth Forces by the Chigs while negotiating a truce with Earth.[3]


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