The Icarus Mining Facility is a Human industrial outpost located on Bunuel in the Kuiper Belt.


The mine is managed and run by 10 miners whose job is to extract Helium-3 and other frozen volatiles, from the ice ore mined from the comet.[1]

Icarus Mining Facility

Icarus Mining Facility

Silicate AttackEdit

Icarus Mining Facility schematic

Facility schematic

In 2063 the facility was attacked by a group of Silicates who killed 9 of the 10 miners in an attempt to steal the Helium-3 extracted at the mine. A security detachment from the 58th Squadron, sent to protect the facility and its shipments for Earth Forces use, landed at the facility after the Silicates had taken control. The Wild Cards were eventually able to defeat the Silicates and regain control of the facility.[2]


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