Groombridge 34 is a binary star system in the northern constellation of Andromeda. Based upon parallax measurements taken by the Hipparcos spacecraft, the system is located about 11.7 light-years from Sol, which positions the pair among the nearest stars to the solar system.[1]


Both stars in the system are small, dim red dwarf stars. They orbit around their common barycenter in a nearly circular orbit with a separation of about 147 AU and a period of around 2,600 years. Both stars exhibit random variation in luminosity due to flares and they have been given variable star designations: the brighter member Groombridge 34 A is designated GX And, while the smaller component Groombridge 34 B is designated GQ And.

Groombrdge 34 A has a planet orbiting it.

Locations in Groombridge 34Edit

  • John Glenn Space Port - the largest extrasolar U.S. Navy Fleet Base.[2]

Battles in Groombridge 34Edit

  • Chig Misdirection Operation - Earth Forces mistakenly believed Groombridge 34 to be the target of a massive attack by the Chigs prior to the Battle of the Belt.[3]
  • Forward Fire Base Langston - located on the planet orbiting Groombridge 34 A, the Fire Base is subject to constant harassment attacks and sniper fire from the Chigs.[4]


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