Dr. Ken Stranahan is a character mentioned in Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond and a series tie-in book.


Dr. Ken Stranahan was a leading scientist and programmer for SilicateTronics, the company that created and manufactured Silicates. He became aware that his boss was taking credit for his work, and decided to take action.

In 2047 Dr. Stranahan was upgrading the essential artificial intelligence (A.I.) central processing unit for the androids. He added a computer virus to their programming that included a programming command that said “Take a Chance.”[1] His actions resulted in the rebellion of the Silicates and the start of the Silicate War.


Space: Above and Beyond - Television Series
The Dark Side of the Sun (mentioned)
Space: Above and Beyond - Books
Dark Side of the Sun (novel) (mentioned)


Ken Stranahan

Ken Stranahan

  • The programmer that inadvertently caused the Silicates rebellion, Dr. Ken Stranahan, is named after the TV show's visual effects supervisor.


  1. The Dark Side of the Sun

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