Dear Earth
Season 1, Episode 17
Space - Above and Beyond 1
Air date March 3, 1996
Written by Richard Whitley
Directed by Winrich Kolbe
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Dear Earth is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond.

The episode aired March 3, 1996 on the Fox Network.


The members of the 58th receive letters from home, some with good news, some with bad, while McQueen and Cooper are ordered to cooperate in a TV documentary about In Vitroes serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Additional CastEdit

  • Steve Hytner as Kolbe
  • Charles Carpenter as Wagner
  • Darren Gray Ward as LT John Hill
  • Bob Clendenin as Mank
  • John Battle as Supply Sergeant
  • Jennifer Burns as Ann
  • Armand Reiser as Armed Guard
  • Carl Gilliard as Ophthalmologist
  • Gibson Frazier as Ed
  • Loren Chase as Mrs. West
  • Kate McCalley as Doctor
  • Scott Dorel as Sailor #1
  • Jermaine Montell as Sailor #2
  • Michael Wachtel as Marine #1
  • Ted Mann as Slow Talker




Executive ProducersEdit



  • Shirley Walker


  • Dear Earth at IMDB [1]
  • Episode Transcript [2]

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