Cerrus is a planet in the Kappa Reticuli system. The planet is a Chig colony world[1] with a Sulphur/Methane atmosphere.

Locations Near CerrusEdit

  • Kazbek is a moon orbiting Cerrus.

Battle Sites on CerrusEdit

In 2063 the USS SARATOGA captured a Chig Bomber found in space with a dead crew. While AeroTech representatives wanted to expoit the captured craft to reverse engineer the alien technology, LTC Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen of the 58th Squadron proposed that the spaceship be used in a Trojan Horse operation instead of being dismantled by engineers.[2]

SARATOGA Intelligence Officers were able to calculate the origin of the bomber from the ships navigational data, identifying Cerrus as its planet of origin. The Wild Cards volunteered to fly a covert mission to the planet, posing as a Chig craft, in order to deliver a payload of bombs to the Chogs living there. This operation was the first opportunity for Earth Forces to take the fight to the Chigs.

The Wild Cards were able to fly the bomber to Cerrus unmolested, however they were discovered as they entered the atmosphere of the planet and were attacked by Chig fighters. they continued there mission a dropped their bombs but missed their target and were shot down and taken prisoner by the Chigs.[3]


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