The Battle of the Belt was a major victory for the Earth Forces and the turning point in the Chig War in the year of 2063. The 58th Squadron played a major role in the battle of the Belt and it was the largest mobilization of the Earth Forces since the 20th Century.

Prelude to BattleEdit

Prior to the year 2063, the Supreme Commander of the United States of America had been John Gromwell. Gromwell had sought to find a diplomatic solution to the increasing tensions between humankind and the Chigs. Due to lack of global support, however, his efforts were significantly stalled, and publically and globally viewed as a weak stance on intergalactic relations. This policy effort has been sited as one of the primary reasons for Gromwell's assassination on November 20th, 2062. Although a highly contentuous theory, there are those who suggest that the assassination of Superior Gromwell was not the act of a derranged radicalist, but rather a carefully executed plot devised by, then, Secretary of the Armed Forces Gergory Premier. Indeed, Gergory Premier's meteoric rise to prominance in the party in the months before the assassination, and his swift confirmation as the replacement for Gromwell, did lend itself as bait for many conspiracy theorists. However, no conclusive evidence has ever been found to link Superior Premier to the death of his predecessor.

Unlike Superior Gromwell, Superior Premier began his reign with a popular, hard-line stance against diplomatic relations with the Chig species. As his rhetoric against the Chigs intensified through the end of the year, and into 2063, dialogue between the United Nations and the Chig Parliament deteriorated. By May of 2063, it became known to the United Nations Military Action Council that the Chigs had mobilized three of their largest fleets of starships to enter the Sol solar system and capture the planet Earth. Disputes over a number of settlement planets had completed broken all diplomatic efforts, as the United States government refused to sceed control of the planet Balarax IV to Chigian settlers. Through a covert operation, involving the controversial deaths of many Bothan spies, the US government learned of the Chigian dipatch of warships, and was able to evacuate most of the inhabitance of the planet Balarax IV before the Chigian armada reached the settlement. Unfortunately, the US Naval outpost on Balarax II was completely annhilated, in the defense of Balarax IV. The 298 American deaths on Balarax II aided in further anti-Chigian fever already running amok in the United States. In response to massive public outrage, Superior Premier ordered the dipatch of an US-lead defensive armada to be sent the border of the Earthian solar system to protect Earthian space.



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