Battle of the Belt

Battle in the Trojan Asteroids

The Battle of the Belt was a major victory for Earth Forces and the turning point in the Chig War in the year of 2063. The 58th Squadron played a major role in the battle.

Prelude to the BattleEdit

Within the wreckage of the alien recon vehicle that was recovered on Mars was an encoded transmission detailing the enemy's projected battle objectives. Subsequently, all Chig movements were anticipated by Earth Forces, however fearing that the captured information might be deceptive Earth Forces did not show its hand.[1]

Information from the encoded data indicated that the Chigs were intent on attacking Groombridge 34 with two-thirds of their forces. The Earth Forces plan, representing the greatest mobilization of military might since the 20th century, comprised a surprise attack in the Groombridge system from behind enemy positions at two points.

The USMC 58th Squadron was assigned to the rear left flank of the operation, in the Sol System.


Just prior to the expected start of the operation, radio telescopes found not only no trace of enemy troops in the Groombridge system but rather a force amassing outside the Sol solar system. Too late, Earth senior leaders realized that the recovered enemy plans were a set-up and that the Chigs were driving towards Earth.

Battle in the Trojan Asteroids

Battle in the Trojan Asteroids

The 58th Squadron was assigned to hide within the Trojan asteroid belt trailing Jupiter's orbit. Their goal was to stall the enemy. Earth Forces at Groombridge 34 doubled back through the Collie wormhole on their way back to the Sol system. The Wilds Cards delaying tactic would provide time for Earth Forces to appear from behind the Chigs and out of the sun.

58th deployed in four flight groups of 5 spacecraft each – Red, Blue, White, and Gold groups.[2]

When it was clear that the Chig fleet had adjusted their course into the system, and that they would avert the asteroid field, a single fighter flown by 1LT Cooper Hawkes baited the enemy back towards the Trojan asteroids where the remainder of the 58th attacked them as they passed.

Battle of the Belt 2

Destruction of the Chig Fleet

The Groombridge forces returned through the wormhole and inflicted severe damage on the enemy, forcing them to retreat and preventing them from taking Earth.


This decisive battle kept the Chigs form taking Earth, beating them back out of the solar system, and allowed Earth Forces a short time to regroup.


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