1LT Nathan West is a main character appearing in Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond and the various tie-in books and comic books.

He is portrayed by actor Morgan Weisser, and as a boy by Michael Malota.


Nathan West grew up in New England in a rural town called Farmingville. [1]

Nathan, along with his fiancée Kylen Celina, devoted his life to becoming a planetary colonist. Having committed themselves to the venture and training together, they planned to immigrate to the Tellus Colony in the Epsilon Indi system. A last minute political decision regarding affirmative action for In Vitros dashed their dreams, when ten colonists were replaced by ten In Vitroes just prior to the ship launch. Nathan was forced to give up his colonist berth and remain behind while Kylen fulfilled her contract to the colony. Nathan attempted to stow away on the colony ship but was caught and removed from the ship prior to launch.[2]

Tellus Mission Patch

Tellus Colony insignia

58th Squadron

58th Squadron insignia

After being told his colonial certificates was immediately transferable to the Marine Corps Air and Space Cavalry [3], Nathan signed up for the United States Marine Corps with the hope of being assigned to colony protection forces and being reunited with Kylen. He was almost finished with Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Accelerated Flight Training (AFT) when news of the Vesta and Tellus Colonies being destroyed by aliens was released and the Chig War began. Nathan was assigned as a pilot (callsign “King of Hearts”) in the USMC 58th Squadron – the Wild Cards, embarked in USS SARATOGA, a United States Navy space carrier.

Character MotivationEdit

Nathan's driving desire is to reunite with Kylen. Around his neck he carries a picture of them together. He believes with the strongest conviction that they will reunite. In time, the picture becomes a talisman for the Wild Cards, symbolizing their faith and belief in one another.


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